About Founder

About Me:

I am glad that you spared your precious time to read about us. My name is Peter C., the founder of Wheelchair88 Limited. Before it was started, I had more than a decade of experience in body fitness and manufacturing. Our production facility can handle mould making, welding, CNC, surface treatments, etc. All these manufacturing experiences definitely helped to overcome many difficulties when we started few years back.

Since young, I was obsessed with creative products and products that help to improve the quality of life. Over the years of having different businesses, I couldn’t feel a sense of satisfaction until I started with Wheelchair88. I gained a great sense of satisfaction by changing people’s lives positively, especially since we often receive thank you letters and emails from our customers. The words they express motivate me and my team day by day, and the joy derived is something that money can’t buy. Thank you to all.

Ever since my father’s 3rd stroke, I realized that I had to create our own power chair that is extremely lightweight and compact. Not only because my back is weak and sore due to early cartilage degeneration, but also because I hope to take my father to travel as much as possible while he is still with me.

In fact, apart from the experience of taking care my father, I have gained tremendous knowledge by communicating and exercising with other disabled and elderly people that I have encountered through the business. I know it is important to take time to understand their needs if we want to provide the best mobility solution for different users with different disabilities.